Tony Johannsen

Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Behaviour Change Facilitator. 

Tony is a psychotherapist who thrives on assisting people with living more rewarding lives by interweaving traditional counselling and psychotheraputic techniques with evidenced based behaviour change interventions..


Tony is a tertiary educated psychotherapist who has a very down to earth approach to therapy. He is an intuitive person who "meets clients where they are at". He believes that every person is unique and as such, deserves their own personalised experience of therapy.

Tony has never been completely satisfied with the traditional cognitive, behavioural approach to treating anxiety as he believes that this approach only addresses one piece of the puzzle. Traditional psychological interventions for anxiety usually treat anxiety as a symptom to be removed, not a voice to be listened to. Through utilising the teachings of existential philosophy, Tony has developed a range of clinical interventions that assist clients with understanding anxiety as the compass to their authentic selves.




*Bachelor Degree in Counselling

*Graduate Certificate in Men's Behaviour Change

*Certificate in Clinical Supervision

*Expertise in Drugs/Alcohol


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