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Tony Johannsen


Behaviour Change Expert
Clinical Supervisor


Tony is a highly experienced psychotherapist and behaviour change expert. 
He has collaborated with Government Departments, Magistrates Courts, Non-Profit Community Organisations, Universities, Hospitals and the Corporate Sector - all in the interest of assisting people with changing their problematic behaviours and
living more authentic and rewarding lives.

Graduate Diploma - Psychology
Bachelors Degree - Counselling
Graduate Certificate - Men's Behaviour Change
Certificate - Clinical Supervision 
Areas of Expertise:

Anger Management 
Emotional Regulation 
Drug and Alcohol misuse
Family Violence (Intervention Orders)
Divorce & Separation
Anxiety, Depression, Grief & Loss

Behaviour Change
Existential Crisis & Concerns



Counselling - Psychotherapy

Counselling - Psychotherapy sessions can be undertaken in person or via Zoom.

50 minute session - $120

Anger Management &
Emotional Regulation

Learn how to better manage your experience of anger and improve your ability to recognise and regulate your emotions. 

50 minute session - $120


Tony offers a multitude of trainings to clinicians and the community &  corporate sectors.  Send any enquiries via email to have a training package tailored to suit your needs. 

Clinical Supervision 

Clinical Supervision can be undertaken in person or via Zoom. Areas of expertise:

Family Violence & AOD , Existential & Humanistic Psychotherapy, CBT, MBCP & Group Facilitation.

 50 minute session - $120.

Speaking - Keynotes

Tony is an engaging and entertaining speaker. He speaks on a wide range of  topics including Existentialism, Resilience, Flow states, Trauma, Drugs and Alcohol, Family Violence & Mental Health. Email your enquiries  and have a talk tailored for your next event. 



I am a passionate Psychotherapist, Facilitator & Speaker and I love my job.

As a therapist, I love assisting clients with changing their problematic behaviours and recognising their unhelpful thinking patterns. I compassionately  challenge my clients'  unconscious, self-imposed barriers to change, whilst always providing a safe space to speak and be heard. I believe I can intuitively find the right balance between empathic support, and effective, compassionate  challenging. 

As a supervisor, I challenge supervisees to continually expand their skills and reflect on their implicit biases.  I draw from my many hours of clinical experience as well as multiple therapeutic and behaviouralist modalities. 

As a Trainer & Public Speaker, I employ a casual, authentic approach to the topics I speak on. Preferring to reference my clinical experience and my love of Existential & Buddhist philosophy rather than descending into corporate coaching clichés

I strive to bring passion, humour, humility, confidence, empathy, authenticity and expertise to every client interaction - regardless of the medium.

Tony J. 



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